Bolton working with Marvin Sordell to combat his Twitter and Facebook ‘obsession’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

While Facebook and Twitter can be useful in aiding the occasional revolution, it can also be the downfall of the occasional public figure. Realizing how destructive social media can be to a young footballer, Bolton have decided to take action in defending Olympian Marvin Sordell from what they fear could be a growing addiction to social media.

From The Mirror:

The Under-21 striker has struggled to settle down in the northern town and manager Dougie Freedman admitted today: “There have been small issues off the field with his tweeting.

“It could be bordering on an obsession with Twitter and Facebook and all the things that go on with these kids.

“We are now trying to work with Marvin — by taking his phone off him.”

It's unclear what exactly Sordell did to get his phone taken off him like a grounded 12-year-old. It appears he was a very active tweeter up until January 4, when he suddenly stopped. It also appears his frequent messages were as inane as the 99.9999 percent of things tweeted on a daily basis (speaking of which, you can find me on Twitter @BrooksDT and Dirty Tackle on Facebook right here).

Anyway, we can only hope that Bolton at least gave Sordell a walkie-talkie to use in case of emergencies while he's without his phone.

UPDATE: There seems to be some confusion as to whether Bolton actually confiscated his phone or not. According to the Bolton News, Freedman was joking when he said they took Sordell's phone. But was he making light of something they actually did or joking about taking it from him all together? Either way, Sordell has been tweeting less, so whatever approach they've taken seems to be working.

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