The bold hairstyling choices of Brazil’s Copa America team

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Since both of Sunday's Copa America matches ended in scoreless draws and the rest of the tournament thus far has failed to immediately fulfill lofty expectations, much of the focus wandered to the audacious hairstyles that Brazil put on display in its match against Venezuela. And that may or may not have caused Dani Alves to bicycle kick Robinho.

Behold! One of the strongest cases for wackiest collection of hairstyles on a single football team in recent memory...


Robinho first started to cultivate this 'do near the end of Milan's Scudetto winning season. Now, it looks like a cross between Elvis and a Japanese anime character. I'm pretty sure it can cut through a tomato with ease.

Neymar's highlighted fauxhawk is nothing new, but it does seem to be getting increasingly unruly. As his reputation grows, so does the fauxhawk. It's almost like a physical representation of his ego at this point.

Though, David Luiz did not play in Brazil's first match, his Sideshow Bob curls still command attention. Then again, on this team it seems downright reasonable.

Then, there's Dani Alves. Perhaps desperate to stand out, Alves decided to go with a 'hawk of his own for the tournament. Then, just to put it over the top, he decided to bleach it blonde.

If Brazil fails to win this tournament, I think we have now pinpointed the reason why.

Photos: Getty, AP, Reuters