Blackburn fans use plane to overcome protest banner ban

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Since Blackburn fans have been using the club's matches to show off their arts and crafts abilities based on the theme of "Steve Kean is worse than syphilis and should kindly launch himself into the face of the sun," it was decided that no banners would be allowed into Ewood Park for their match against Chelsea until after the final whistle.

Instead of temporarily pausing the "Kean Out" movement, this only prompted fans to attach their favorite phrase to a plane instructed to fly over the stadium during the match. That got a big cheer from fans, even though their side lost 1-0, keeping them at just six points on the season.

If the club can somehow ban flyovers next, expect Blackburn fans to tattoo the words "Kean Out" across the surface of the moon.

Photo: Getty

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