Blackburn fans’ ‘Kean Out’ campaign goes to the Olympics

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

We're only a few days into the London Olympics and the Games have already served as an all-consuming distraction for a large portion of the planet. One group that has not been distracted from their primary focus, even while attending Olympic football matches, is that of Blackburn fans (and their chickens) who really, really want the club's manager, Steve Kean, and ownership group, Venky's, as far away from their club as humanly possible.

So even though it's the offseason and Sunday's Spain v Honduras match at St James' Park in Newcastle had nothing to do with Blackburn, there was still a "Kean Out, Venky's out" banner hanging right next to the pitch.

As if being sued by Sam Allarydce wasn't bad enough, now Kean is being protested at international sporting events that he has no part of. In fact, the apparent randomness of this banner's presence might have been what kept confused Spain into losing to Honduras.

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