Bill Clinton and Mick Jagger at the match: a gallery

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The USA's 2-1 loss to Ghana in the Word Cup on Saturday may have been a soul-crushing heartbreaker that made the flag weep stars, but at least some people were having fun! Former President Bill Clinton and wizened god of rock Mick Jagger were at the match, A-listing in an all-time celebrity box of competing generational icons. Also present: Katie Couric's legs, and Terry McAuliffe's weirdly submissive hair. Herewith, a tour of the debauchery.

Like many boys who are destined to be friends, Bill and Mick were a little uncomfortable when they first met and pretended not to notice each other. Here, Mick sends a text to his "camp friends" while Bill reflects sagely on the sorrows of not knowing what texting is.

When they finally took their seats, Bill retreated into a stony silence while Mick put on a dry English hauteur. "Looks like they'll let anyone in here these days," he says here to an emphatic man who is describing how much he loves pasta sauce.

Mick looks for an escape route, while Clinton self-protectively pretends he's listening to Hilary talk about her day. Behind them, two men sleep off the vodka they had for lunch.

Clinton turned on the charm when he noticed the girl in Row G ...

... then Mick noticed her. The two men tried to settle the dispute by debating which of them better represented the spirit of their generation, but the argument ended in a stalemate. So they switched to arm-wrestling, and by the end, they were inseparable.

Once the match was under way, they found a lot to politely applaud in the U.S. performance. Here, they're politely applauding Ricardo Clark's brave contribution to the first 30 minutes of the match. Political fundraiser and former Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe (D, far left) expresses the feelings of all other American fans.

Yes, Mick's scarf was funny. But Bill Clinton was President of the United States. You think a man reaches that position without knowing how to stifle a laugh?

Donovan scores! Mick wildly poses for pictures with a rejuvenated McAuliffe, while Clinton cautiously attempts to touch CBS News anchorwoman Katie Couric, who materialized in the seconds after the goal.

Mick boogies with the vim of a man in his mid-90s. Clinton retreats to the shadows after his Couric-touching misfires.

... and so they continued, long into the night, until Ghana won in extra time and they all learned a little something about Christmas. Check back tomorrow for Mick's blog post about why Feilhaber should have started and whether Bob Bradley should be fired.

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