Betting firm continues to mock Fernando Torres outside Stamford Bridge

Dirty Tackle

Paddy Power: more resourceful than the striker they are mocking (Paddy Power)

Around five weeks ago, "hilarious" bookmaker Paddy Power generated themselves some publicity with the #2ndjobsforsubs Twitter hashtag campaign, teaming it with a billboard aimed at misfiring striker Fernando Torres.

"Fernando, we've got an onion bag you can actually find. It's in the burger van mate. Get your hair net on," read the advertisement erected on the side of a building facing one of the entrances to Stamford Bridge.

According to The Metro, Chelsea took legal action against the betting firm, arguing that the billboard impinged on the Spaniard's image rights. The local council agreed and it was torn down.

But, proving that you just can't keep a bad joke down, PP have parked a truck-mounted video screen displaying the same advertisement right under the spot where the previous version used to live, leaving the council or the club powerless to take action. After all, schadenfruede on wheels is above the law.

And once again, Dirty Tackle has given the gambling peddlers the oxygen of publicity that they crave. Curse their marketing nous!