Betis hit post three times in a row from increasingly short distance

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

If the ever popular crossbar challenge was actually a rewarded part of football matches, Real Betis would deserve a trophy after this sequence from its match against Mallorca.

It starts with Ruben Castro drilling a shot off the far post from just inside the box. The ball careened off it and right to Jorge Molina, who just had to tap it back into the empty net from point-blank range. Instead, he headed it down and it bounced up and off the crossbar, giving him another chance to put it in from even closer, but with Mallorca keeper Dudu Aouate bearing down on him, he volleyed it off the bar again and Mallorca finally cleared.

Ruben would have his revenge, though. In the 86th minute, he finally broke the scoreless deadlock and gave his side a 1-0 win with what must have been one of the most satisfying goals of his life after all this.

Video via Brasil Mundial