The best images from Chelsea’s 5-4 League Cup win against Man United

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Arsenal's comeback from 4-0 down to beat Reading 7-5 in extra time of their Capital One Cup match on Tuesday was guaranteed to be a tough act to follow, but Chelsea and Man United playing their second match at Stamford Bridge in four days gave it a good run. Chelsea came from behind three times, defying bad calls against both sides throughout and sending the match to extra time with a 94th-minute penalty. But that was just the start.

Here are some of the best photos from another unbelievable match...

Man United fans arrived in high spirits and loud voice with banners referencing Chelsea's racial abuse charge against Sunday's referee, Mark Clattenburg. Who they decided to show mock support for him with a parody of Chelsea fans' John Terry banner because that will look good if he's found guilty.

But nevermind that -- they were feeling confident after their first win at Stamford Bridge in a decade. Confidence that only grew when Ryan Giggs opened the scoring in the 22nd minute.

David Luiz equalized for Chelsea in the 31st minute with a penalty that just made it through Anders Lindegaard's fingers. This was followed by a Chicharito goal in the 43rd minute to put Man United up 2-1.

Here is a photographic representation of Chicharito's relationship with Petr Cech (he has six goals in nine matches against Chelsea):

Chelsea equalized again with a Gary Cahill header off a corner kick in the 52nd minute, but Nani quickly responded with a goal of his own to put Man United up one last time at 3-2.

Chances John Terry stole that coat from Roman Abramovich: 98 percent.

The match took a familiar turn for Chelsea when United fans' chant of "time to blame the referee" (lyrics written by Sir Alex Ferguson himself many years ago) came true with an uncalled handball in the box on Michael Keane (to match an earlier uncalled handball in the box on David Luiz). It appeared Chelsea were doomed to lose at home to Man United again, but young Scott Wootton came to his opponents' rescue by hauling down Ramires at the end of injury time to afford Chelsea their second penalty of the night.

Eden Hazard swept it down the middle as Lindegaard dove towards the post, sending the match to extra time.

Just seven minutes into the first extra-time period, Wootton bungled it again, heading the ball to Daniel Sturridge, who had been having a terrible match, for an easy goal. He then celebrated as if the entire game had gone just as he'd planned it all along.

And with a puff of smoke, Scott Wootton was never seen in Manchester United's first team again.

"I'd hate to be you," says the chubby balding man with a smile to Alex Ferguson after Hazard's goal.

From there, Ramires put Chelsea up 5-3 before Ryan Giggs scored again to get one back just before full time. So Man United will finally return north as Chelsea look ahead to Leeds in the quarterfinals of the Capital One Cup aka the most entertaining competition of recorded history.

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