Belize qualify for their first Gold Cup, need your money to fund the trip

If you enjoyed the feel-good story of Tahiti as "the little engine that really couldn't" at the Confederations Cup, then Belize is the team for you in the CONCACAF Gold Cup. And you can show your support for the 130th ranked team in the world by helping to fund their trip to the United States for the tournament.

A fourth-place finish in the Copa Centroamericana earned the smallest country in central America their first ever qualification for the Gold Cup. But with the excitement and anticipation of their biggest international tournament yet came the realization that they were going to have trouble paying for the journey that will take them across the United States with group-stage matches in Portland, Oregon, Salt Lake City, Utah and East Hartford, Connecticut.

According to the Belize Tourism Board, local communities held barbecues and the team organized a telethon, which raised about $60,000. Nike also gifted them with kits for the tournament, but they still need another $25,000 as they prepare to face the USA* in their first match on Tuesday. So, they're accepting donations on their website.

Given their lack of funds, it seems unlikely that they'll be handing out necklaces to all their opponents like Tahiti did. But hey — maybe if your donation is large enough, they'll give Landon Donovan a slap bracelet.

*Fun Fact: Belize manager Ian Mork is also a scout for the U.S.