Belgium friendly against Tunisia halted by golf-ball sized hail

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In perhaps the clearest warning yet that the 2014 World Cup is going to be an apocalyptic epicenter of cataclysmic events, Belgium's friendly against Tunisia in Brussels was interrupted by a hailstorm that sent everyone scurrying for cover.

It started with rain early in the match and soon turned to golf-ball sized hail that covered the pitch and prompted the referee to halt the game in the 23rd minute.

The operator of Belgium's official Twitter account was left understandably bewildered by the turn of events...

The match was eventually resumed, but between this, all of the World Cup's major injuries and the supposed involvement of Ghanaian witch doctors, it seems increasingly likely that Godzilla will invade the pitch at the Maracana. Totally naked.

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