Belgian linesman rocked by mystery object to the head

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Early in the second half of last Saturday's Jupiler League match between Lierse and Zulte Waregem, linesman Frederick Geldhof was struck in the back of the head by a mystery object. As soon as it hit, Geldhof fell to the ground and scrambled onto the pitch, away from whatever attacked him. Disoriented and in pain, the match was momentarily stopped so Geldhof could be treated.

Oddly enough, the only foreign object found at the scene was a bit of cardboard that didn't seem capable of causing such a reaction. After the match, Geldhof clarified that what he felt did not feel like flimsy cardboard (via 101gg):

"My head was struck by an object. and I thought it was a block of ice. I was dizzy and thought I would faint… I heard later that it was a piece of cardboard... It's no laughing matter. I am father of two children and my daughter sent a text message because she was worried."

If you watch the start of the video closely, it looks like the object that hits him is white and not a brown cardboard drink holder. So could it have been a piece of ice that exploded on impact and then blended in with the frigid landscape, leaving everyone to assume that the feeble linesman was almost knocked out by a piece of cardboard? The mystery will likely live on far longer than anyone will care.

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