Belarus players to get bonus of $10,000 each if they beat Spain

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

At the bottom of their UEFA World Cup qualifying group after starting off with losses to Georgia and France, Belarus have decided to pump up the monetary incentive for their players to get a result against reigning champions Spain next month. Because clearly that's what's holding them back from complete world domination.

From Reuters:

Belarus will more than triple bonuses to their players if they beat world and European champions Spain in next month's World Cup qualifier, the country's football federation (BFF) said on Friday.

"Each player will receive a $10,000 bonus," BFF first vice-president Sergei Safaryan told a news conference. In case of a draw the players will also be rewarded, Safaryan said.

It might sound like a pretty safe bet that the BFF won't have to pay out for the win and that they could make the bonus $1βX batrillion if they wanted to, but stranger things have happened. And if they do win, they're going to need all the extra money they can get because Xavi will probably sue them for making Cesc's suffering even worse.

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