Behind the scenes at France’s Euro 12 training center

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

In the two years since France's still unbelievable self-destruction in the 2010 World Cup, they've quickly reorganized under manager Laurent Blanc and returned to their position as a formidable opponent. And so with a few days to go before they begin their Euro 12 campaign against England, let's take a look behind the scenes at their training base in Ukraine for any hints of another meltdown in the making.

There's Franck Ribery in the sauna machine, looking a little unsettled about the whole thing. But hey -- he's got a spotter right there who is clearly paying attention so everything will be fine...

Yes, even world-class footballers play FIFA 12 in their down time as goakeeper Steve Mandanda shows. But it seems the team is required to only play out scoreless draws to avoid infighting or feelings of superiority over each other.

OK, it's starting to get a little steamy in there and Franck is starting to question this whole situation. Where did that spotter go? Why does this thing have a disconcerting exclamation point on it? Why didn't Patrice Evra come back after he did this?

Yann M'Vila and Olivier Giroud prepare for inception. WE MUST GO DEEPER.

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"I don't like this anymore..."

Meal time! To avoid anymore rebellious ideas, the team will be limited to a diet of bread and water laced with floride for the duration of the tournament. Samir Nasri can't wait.

Laurent Blanc sits at the nerd table.

"I haven't washed my hands since 1997."

Alright, it's been a few hours. Let's check back in on Franck Ribery...

MELTDOWN. When he finally gets out he's going to have a body the size of a newborn's with adult sized hands and head.

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