BBC newsreader and Man City fan laughs about Man United’s loss to Real Madrid during broadcast

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Man United fans were a bit upset about the way in which they were knocked out of the Champions League by Real Madrid (and referee Cuneyt Cakir) -- one so upset that he reported it to police as a crime. But other people found it quite enjoyable. Like BBC News presenter Clive Myrie.

"There are a lot of upset people in the city of Manchester following last night's result," said Myrie in a broadcast the day after the match with the necessary gravitas. "And a lot of others who are quite happy as well I have to say..." He then let out a cackle of laughter that he just couldn't contain any longer before throwing it to the sports guy.

According to Myrie's Twitter account, he's a "Man City fan from when they were poor." So it would seem that he is definitely one of those people who are quite happy about the Man United's elimination.

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