Bayern president Uli Hoeness gets his microphone stolen by a small child

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Bayern Munich president, sausage king and World Cup winner Uli Hoeness was standing courtside and conducting a TV interview after Bayern's basketball team lost to Oldenburg when a little kid interrupted and swiped the microphone for his own enjoyment.

Hoeness was discussing the reported trouble between manager Jupp Heynckes and sporting director Matthias Sammer when Ashawn, the six-year old son of former Boston College point guard Tyrese Rice, walked up to Hoeness and took the mic. Hoeness tried to keep him at bay with a pat on the head and a "hi, how are you?" in English, but Ashawn was determined to get that mic and get it he did. While a staffer for the TV production pulled Ashawn by his hood and Hoeness tried to take the mic back, Ashawn proved too powerful for both of them and gained sole possession of the mic before it was eventually given back to Uli.

First the man sees his club lose a Champions League final in their own stadium and then he loses a microphone to a six-year-old on live television. This has not bee Uli Hoeness' finest year.

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