Bayern president attempts to defend Pep Guardiola against ‘prima donna’ Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's been three years since Zlatan Ibrahimovic played one season under Pep Guardiola at Barcelona and he's still making sure the world knows that he thinks the man who has since become Bayern Munich's manager is awful. Ibrahimovic devoted a sizable chunk of his autobiography, which was first released in 2011, to berating Guardiola and he hasn't relented since then.

To mark the German release of his book, entitled "I am Zlatan," Ibrahimovic told Der Spiegel, "Guardiola is a fantastic coach. But as a human? He is a coward. He is no man." This apparently drew the ire of Guardiola's new employer, Bayern president Uli Hoeness.

From the Telegraph:

"We totally disagree with Zlatan Ibrahimovic. We are completely satisfied with Pep Guardiola," Hoeness told German newspaper Bild.

"I think Ibrahimovic is an aggrieved prima donna who has not coped well with his departure from Barcelona. No club has been happy with him.

"He just wants to distract from the fact that he has failed at many clubs – he arrives as a saviour and leaves as a troublemaker."

It's unclear how a player who has won domestic league titles with each of the last six clubs he's played for (including Barca) has "failed at many clubs," but Hoeness has never been one to let facts (or taxes) get in the way.

Maybe if we all wish hard enough for PSG to play Bayern in the Champions League it will happen. This is the one time UEFA fixing a draw would be welcomed.

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