Bayern Munich's Toni Kroos open to experiencing losses, feeling things again in Premier League

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Following months of speculation that Manchester United could make a move for Bayern Munich midfielder Toni Kroos, the German international has stated that he will consider a move to the Premier League and clubs not in the Champions League. Presumably because he is sick of winning all the time with Bayern Munich.

From the Guardian:

"It is no secret that the Premier League is a possibility for me," Kroos said. "But no one has come to any agreement with me and it will stay like this until the summer and, some time, a decision will be made. It is also no secret that the Premier League is not a bad league.

"I think I am a person where a lot is possible for me. But I have to think about this for myself to reach a complete decision. There will be a decision in the future but one without giving you [the media] any time frame."

Kroos was asked whether he would consider a move to a team who were not in the Champions League – with United in mind. "I will consider everything," he said. "If I should leave."

"I just want to feel again," Kroos presumably added. "If you eat cake for every meal over two years, your body eventually begins to shut down and craves steamed broccoli. Playing for Bayern is like eating nothing but cake. Man United are wonderful steamed broccoli."

Winners of the treble last season and maintaining a 20-point lead in the Bundesliga this season, Bayern Munich remain undefeated through 24 league matches — the last six of which they have won by a combined score of 26-2. According to Opta, they have required so few saves over that span that they wouldn't have lost any of those games even if they played without a goalkeeper. Clearly, this no long qualifies as a competitive endeavor.

In the Premier League, seventh-place Man United are a mere 18 points away from first-place Chelsea.

Perhaps Kroos will be the first of many Bayern players numbed by constantly winning to leave the club in search of a wider range of emotions. If he does join Man United, he will probably cry tears of joy after his first loss to West Brom at Old Trafford. He will hail David Moyes as a personal savior.

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