Bayern Munich party until 7am after league win, Pep Guardiola hits the dance floor

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Bayern Munich won their record 24th Bundesliga in record time with a 3-1 victory at Hertha Berlin on Tuesday. According to German newspaper Bild, they partied harder than Andrew WK on his birthday right after the game.

Once the celebrations had finished at the Olympic Stadium, the team bus headed straight to the fashionable Kitty Cheng bar on Berlin's Torstrasse, where they arrived a little after midnight. Clearly, the venue relaxed its dress code for the league champions, as all the players were still dressed in their Bayern training gear — manager Pep Guardiola was the only one in a shirt and tie.

Bild claims Bayern's anthem 'Stern des Südens' ('Star of the South') was played on a "continuous loop" throughout the evening, but at 2.15am, Guardiola hit the dancefloor to throw some shapes to Pharrell Williams' appropriately titled hit 'Happy'.

Players drank champagne and drank Grey Goose Vodka while eating burgers and Asian finger food — none of which is part of Bayern's strict dietary regime. Of large sausages and beer.

Toni Kroos and Marios Götze and Mandzukic were among the first to leave the bar at 3.11am while Guardiola made his exit at 4.13am (Bild are very precise with their timings). Striker Thomas Müller left looking pretty worse for wear after 5am (he must have been exhausted from asking Mario Götze very cheeky questions), and the party continued until around 7am. The team then boarded a flight back to Bavaria.

It's absolutely fine for a team to let their hair down and celebrate, but they might need reminding that they still have at least 10 games left and two cups to play for.

The whole scenario begs the question: if they were playing anyone but Manchester United in the Champions League next week, would they have Andrew WK'd quite so hard?

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