Bayern Munich had a presentation event for their new bus and it was very silly

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The kit launch is old news. If football clubs are going to truly capture the imaginations of their fans, they have to find something new. Something big. Something that will inspire a new generation of supporters. And Bayern Munich have found that next big thing: bus unveiling.

Bayern held a special event outside Allianz Arena on Tuesday night, where they unveiled their new bus to a group of people who have made such terrible life choices that they found themselves at a bus unveiling. And Bayern spared no expense with this presentation. Like your fifth birthday party, they even had a magician who magically made the bus appear from behind a curtain that shrouded the stage for a convenient amount of time. It was the kind of illusion that would fit perfectly in Gob Bluth's highlight reel.

And what's so special about this bus? Have a look for yourself...


Most importantly, it has seats. This is where the players will sit. And cup holders. Which will hold the players cups.


But as if the seats and cupholders weren't enough, this bus also has a kitchen that features the cutting edge of bus kitchen technology. There's a sink, cabinets, and you know Bastian Schweinsteiger is going to heat the snot out of some popcorn in that microwave. This is the bus kitchen of champions.

I could show you more, but, frankly, I don't think you could handle it. Also it's a bus, so there really isn't much more to it. Anyway, welcome to the future. A future where bus unveiling are a thing that happen and there is nothing we can do about it.

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