Bayern Munich ‘don’t know what Wayne Rooney would bring to Bundesliga,’ don’t want to find out

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

There was a time not too long ago when any team on the planet would've wanted Wayne Rooney in their starting XI. But several years, a hair transplant and two transfer demands later and that isn't the case anymore. Now the teams that want him can't afford him and the teams that can afford him don't seem to want him.

Bayern Munich, for example, were recently rumored to be the 28-year-old striker's destination of choice. Matthias Sammer, the German champions' sporting director has made it clear that they're not interested, though.

From the Guardian:

"I don't know what Rooney would bring to the Bundesliga," Sammer said. "I can't answer that. I can answer that we have great respect for Wayne Rooney but there has been no contact with him. There is no contact and he's not on the agenda. No, no. Absolutely not."

When Mario Gomez, a guy who was the Bundesliga's second best scorer last season with 26 goals, can't even get regular starts then you know Sammer isn't just talking a big game.

Rooney's bigger concern should be the first part of Sammer's statement. If he's looking to leave England, that question of "can he perform in a league with a different style of play?" could limit his number of interested parties even further. His transfer request in 2010 brought death threats, but it also brought more money. This one might just bring embarrassment.

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