Bayern Munich apologize to Adidas for new players wearing Nike shirts to unveiling

Brooks Peck

Bayern Munich showed off new additions Mario Gotze (above) and Jan Kirchhoff (below) on Tuesday. Normally a press conference to unveil two new signings at club that just won the treble only affords them another reason to smile, but this one made Bayern apologize to kitmaker and minority owner Adidas.

Both Gotze and Kirchhoff, who have personal endorsement deals with Nike, wore Nike T-shirts to the event, which violated Bayern's contractual agreement with Adidas. "The pictures from today's press conference with Mario Gotze have negatively surprised us," said Adidas spokesman Oliver Bruggen according to "Contractually that is not permissible because it is an official event of Adidas partner Bayern Munich. We have already discussed with Bayern Munich."

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That conversation led to Bayern's public apology. "These T-shirts have gotten by us in the general hustle and bustle and we regret that very much. We have assured Adidas that this will not happen again," said Bayern media director Markus Horwick.

As punishment for offending their new club's corporate overlords, Gotze and Kirchhoff will be forced to let Franck Ribery select their outfits every day for the entirety of their contracts.

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