Barcelona president dodges press by going into women’s bathroom

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Barcelona president Sandro Rosell did not feel like answering questions from the cameras and reporters that swarmed him at the assembly of the Spanish football federation. And just one day after selling David Villa to Atletico Madrid for €5 million (at most), that was understandable.

So, to avoid their microphones and shouting and mentions of Jordi Alba, Rosell did a bit of quick thinking and went into the women's bathroom to get away from them. The move worked like a charm, but it probably also got his name added to a list somewhere.

Meanwhile, the draw for the 2013/14 La Liga season took place and the first meeting between Barcelona and Carlo Ancelotti's Real Madrid will be on October 26/27. Make sure your fallout shelter is fully stocked by then.

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