Barcelona’s Carles Puyol heads a flower pot in brilliant new Qatar Airways commercial

This week, Barcelona announced a €100m extension to their lucrative shirt sponsorship deal with Qatar Airways, which will see the Arabic flag carrier advertised outside the Nou Camp, on the seats and within the club museum.

To coincide with the announcement, the airline released a new commercial that features a plane landing in "The Land of FC Barcelona." Once there, Gerard Pique plays a grumpy customs officer, Neymar needlessly kicks someone else's luggage instead of picking it up, Andres Iniesta paints a wall with a ball, Gary Lineker drives a cab and Leo Messi leads a dance class exclusively for attractive young people.

The highlight of the clip, however, is when Carles Puyol heads a falling flower pot and smashes it into a thousand pieces, saving a couple of ladies and a dog from serious injury (but presumably showering them in dirt and pieces of terracotta).

Most players would insist on CGI for a scene like that, but we can only assume Puyol did it for real. It's the reason he's banned from most garden centers in Catalunya.