A Barca fan invaded the pitch during Sweden-Argentina to kiss and rub Leo Messi’s head

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Lionel Messi continued his ways of being overly polite to pitch invaders during Argentina's friendly in Sweden. Near the end of the match, which ended 3-2 in Argentina favor (though Messi nor Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored), a pitch invader wearing a Barcelona shirt with Messi's name on the back went up to his hero, grabbed him by the head and planted a kiss on his forehead. Leo, meanwhile, just stood there and took it.

Once the invader did as he pleased, he surrendered to stewards and was led away. Though it is nice to be nice, all it takes is one psycho to turn one of these audiences with Messi into a horrific incident.

Here's video...

Video via 101gg

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