Balotelli used his iPad during Italy’s pre-match warmup

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Well, it looks like Mario Balotelli won't be topping his personal record of going two day without annoying Italy coach Cesare Prandelli during this current international break.

From the PA:

Prandelli was said to be unimpressed by Balotelli's approach during his warm-up for Friday's Euro 2012 qualifier against the Faroe Islands, and the fact the player took his iPad with him as he watched the match from the bench.

"Balotelli's situation is nothing to worry about," Riva said of the player, who came on for the final six minutes. "These are small things that happen in every team. He only played a few minutes against the Faroe Islands so he couldn't do much. But in every training, Mario gives his best.

"Prandelli did not watch Balotelli's warm-up because he was watching the game. Let's not create a problem where there is none."

But Mario says this is yet another lie about him. From

"I only had the iPad during the warm up, I did not take it with me on the bench," Balotelli is quoted as saying on La Repubblica.

To be fair, as far as Mario Balotelli indiscretions go, quietly playing with his iPad instead of warming up for a match against the Faroe Islands (in which he only played the last five minutes) is almost preferable to the infinite other possibilities of things he could've done instead. Like speeding around in his Maserati on the pitch and mowing down his teammates or fighting another bib to the death and taking out innocent bystanders as collateral damage. So, if anything, Prandelli should be thankful that this iPad held Mario's attention. Roberto Mancini probably thinks he got off easy.

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