Balotelli loses fight against bib, gets sent off before halftime

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The Europa League continued its assault on Mario Balotelli as he warmed up for Man City's second leg match against Dynamo Kiev. The week before, it was the grass causing an allergic reaction, and now the official tournament bibs have picked up where the grass left off in causing Mario irritation.

As Mario prepared to warm up, he attempted to put on his bib and quickly learned that finding the right holes can be tricky. He struggled to the point of frustration and decided to throw the white one away before a Man City employee intervened to help him put it on. Once the thing was finally on his body, he decided that he didn't like it, though, and switched it for a teal one. But the teal one conspired against him as well, so Mario once again needed help from his little friend to put it on.

And after all that bib frustration, it's not surprising that Balotelli was sent off for kicking Dynamo's Goran Popov in the chest in full view of the ref just 36 minutes into the match.


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