Balotelli gets Taiwanese animation: GTA V preview?

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

On Tuesday, the next installment of the Grand Theft Auto series was officially announced and it didn't take long for someone to propose the idea of having Mario Balotelli as the game's main character. And now the brilliant people at have put together an animated video that should serve as a guiding light for the game.

The animated masterpiece also reveals some new details about recent events in Mario's life. For example, the fireworks that set his house ablaze weren't launched through a bathroom window by a friend of his, they unexpectedly exploded out of Mario's chest...


Also, Balotelli has apparently been red carded for kicking an opponent's head clean off his body and when he threw darts at those youth team players, he hit one kid square in the back with the largest dart on the planet.

I didn't think the animation for the Ashley Cole air rifle incident could be topped, but this might do it.