Austrian team demonstrates the incorrect way to defend a free kick

Dirty Tackle

This clip is a few months old, but it's never too late to give some instruction on the art of free kick stupidity.

When SC Fürstenfeldbruck conceded a dead ball to SC Weiz in an Austrian lower league match, a chap named Kevin Steiner stepped up with the hope of getting his name on the scoresheet. In front of him, for no apparent reason, was a teammate and an opponent kneeling down.

Were the players attempting to completely block the goalkeeper's view of the ball? Or trying to prevent a low driving shot? Perhaps they were planning an elaborate original trick to be preserved for the ages and celebrated on YouTube? Maybe they were just pooped from all that standing up, jogging around and kicking.

It turns out they were just making it extremely easy for one of them to get hit very hard in the face.

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