Austria’s Marko Arnautovic dozes off during press conference, gets jolted awake by ringing phone

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

It's been a busy few days for Marko Arnautovic. First he moved from Werder Bremen to Stoke just before the transfer window shut, then he had to join up with the Austrian team for their World Cup qualifier against Germany, so sleep might not have been something in which he could fully indulge.

So when he was tasked with facing the press with teammate David Alaba, Arnautovic looked exhausted. He rubbed his eyes, had trouble paying attention and, eventually, started to doze off while Alaba rambled on. But then a random phone rang like a well timed alarm clock and Arnautovic snapped back to life.

Arnautovic is being billed as the Premier League's new Mario Balotelli for his odd collection of "Why always me?" type stories. He's been in a number of fights with his peers and superiors, he once told a traffic cop "I could buy your life," he tore a knee ligament while playing with his dog, he was suspended for the final three matches of last season for a late-night street race with a teammate, and he once accused a magazine of lying about him saying that any woman he dates "must be tattooed and have black hair and silicone breasts." The magazine then produced the audio recording of him saying it. And now, the man can't even fall asleep at the right time.

It should be a fun season for Stoke.

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