Atalanta signing investigated for riding in tank that crushed two cars at fan festival

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Newly signed Atalanta midfielder Giulio Migliaccio is already in trouble with the Italian football federation after riding in a tank (yes, a tank) that was driven over cars decorated to represent rival clubs Roma and Brescia at a supporters festival. The incident is shown in the video above.

From the AP:

Migliaccio signed from Palermo last week. He says: ''I only realized when the tank was going over them, and since I could not see because I was high up and at the back, I did not know that they had the symbols of two football clubs on them.''

He says ''even as an unaware protagonist, I'm very sorry for the incident.''

In Migliaccio's defense, if the supporters of your new club say, "We have a tank and we want you to get in it," you're probably going to get in to avoid a fate similar to those cars. I mean...these people had a tank. A tank!

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