Asking David Moyes why Shinji Kagawa hasn’t been playing for Man United

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Shinji Kagawa has not appeared in any of Manchester United's three Premier League matches so far this season. He wasn't even included in the squad for their 1-0 loss at Liveprool. So releasing a bit of his frustration and targeting Man United manager David Moyes after Japan's 3-1 win against Ghana, in which he scored his side's first goal, was an understandable exercise for Kagawa.

From the AFP:

"Please ask David Moyes why I'm not in the side," Kagawa told AFP after his equaliser provided the spark for Japan's comeback win in Yokohama.

"It is frustrating not playing but to score a goal like that gives me confidence. Hopefully I can take that back to my club with me and things will improve." [...]

"It's hard not playing regularly. Some days the frustration is worse than others -- it comes in waves," said Kagawa, an unused substitute in United's games against Swansea and Chelsea before the loss at Anfield.

Here's David Moyes' response...

Shinji Kagawa? Oh my God, we have Shinji Kagawa. I totally forgot about him. When you come into a new club, you learn so many new names and faces that it can be hard to keep them all straight. Then you have the pranks. All through preseason the players kept trying to convince me that Bebe was a footballer and not the IT person. Wow, I can't believe I forgot all about Benji Kanawa.

With the Wayne Rooney drama and the transfer deadline, it's just been so much all at once. At one point I even asked Ed Woodward, "Wait a minute, don't we have Hadji Sahaha?" And Ed said, "No, I don't think we do. Better put in another bid for Cesc Fabregas." So, when Shelden comes back from international duty, I'm going to give him a big apology for that.

Anyway, who were we talking about again?