Ashley Cole 'hates England'

The existence of the England fan is a problematic one. Not only must he or she live with perennial false expectations and disappointment at tournament level, but he or she must also cheer for players who are despised by most English supporters during the domestic season. One such player is Ashley Cole, who earned the moniker "Cashley" for defecting from Arsenal to rivals Chelsea for a slightly increased weekly wage, and subsequently publishing a book that slated his former team and colleagues.

One of the world's finest left-backs also brought contempt upon himself for constantly having affairs with women of far less repute than his wife, national treasure Cheryl Cole. Essentially, outside of Stamford Bridge, he's about as popular as a bad smell in an elevator and his reputation is about to hit a new low.

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Using the same mobile phone he used to attract strippers and hairdressers via text message (and for various other exploits, if you believe the rumors), Cole has now been caught expressing his dislike for the nation he represents. The Sun reports:

Ashley Cole sent a disgraceful message to pals days before flying out to the World Cup - snarling: "I hate England and the f***ing people!"

The Chelsea defender shared the astonishing insult with pals using his BlackBerry hours before he boarded a flight to England's pre-World Cup training camp in Austria.

He posted it as his status message, allowing all those designated as his friends to see it.

Cole defended himself Tuesday by insisting:

"I always try my hardest for England and Chelsea but the intrusion and pressure I feel is making my life hell."

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To be fair, publishing his Blackberry status in the national press is pretty intrusive, but if Cole is stupid enough to air his highly contentious views of his countrymen prior to a World Cup, then the backlash he is about to receive in the UK is fully deserved.

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