Ashley Cole defends John Terry, Arsenal fans at trial

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Three days into the John Terry trial over allegations of a racial slur used against QPR's Anton Ferdinand during a Premier League match last season and the proceedings seem to have gotten lost in a farcical bizarro world.

On a day that included statements proclaiming the good character of John Terry from just about everyone ever associated with Chelsea (including the likes of Jose Mourinho and the club's bus driver), key witness Ashley Cole took the stand and made it clear that he felt this wasn't a matter that should have gone to trial. Then, the prosecutor got down to the important matter of the crowd noise at the Emirates Stadium (note: the incident between Terry and Ferdinand did not take place at Emirates Stadium).

From the Twitter accounts of court-room journalists Sam Wallace, Daniel Taylor, Dan Roan and Matt Dickinson (via By Far The Greatest Team):

Prosecution: "You used to play for Arsenal, nobody makes any noise at the Emirates do they?" Laughter is heard in the court. Cole: "Am I supposed to laugh at that? If you're saying Loftus Road is louder than the Emirates I'd say: 'no, it's not.'" Prosecutor: "Ok, let's not have that argument." Cole: "Well, you brought it up."

And that's how Ashley Cole won the John Terry trial.

Also, it's worth noting that while Cole has played at the Emirates as a member of Chelsea many times, the stadium was only just being opened as he left Arsenal for a better contract and more trophies (trend setter!) in the summer of 2006. Yet, as Arsenal fans continue to vocalize their hatred of him for leaving their club, he defends them even under threat of perjury.

But it wasn't just the prosecutor being made to look silly. Earlier, while Terry was still giving evidence himself, he inadvertently prompted a few courtroom giggles himself. From the London Evening Standard:

In a hilarious misunderstanding, Terry was asked to repeat evidence that he had been sent off four times in his career.

"Can you say, please, four times?" asked his QC, George Carter-Stephenson.

"Please, please, please, please," Terry responded.

Guffaws of laughter broke out around the courtroom at the misunderstanding, which was a result of the judge asking Terry to speak up.

And the Sky reporters outside the court aren't immune either.

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