Arsene Wenger shoves Jose Mourinho during Chelsea-Arsenal match

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(Yahoo Sports)

It only took 20 minutes for the feud between Arsene Wenger and Jose Mourinho to reach a new low when Wenger shoved Mourinho on the touchline in an astoundingly childish display. Wenger stormed out of his technical area and confronted Mourinho after Chelsea defender Gary Cahill was shown a yellow card for a poor challenge on Alexis Sanchez. Wenger apparently felt that shoving the man he has never managed to beat in 11 previous attempts was appropriate retribution.

Prior to the match, Mourinho refused to apologize for calling Wenger a "specialist in failure" last season. From the Guardian:

“I don’t apologise, he didn’t apologise. My feeling is not to go over it – forget it, to move forwards without thinking about what happened. He doesn’t need to apologise, so I don’t need an apology or to apologise.

“Intelligent football people don’t need that, it’s finished. Let’s go for another match with big responsibilities for both of us.”

But as we've seen time and time again, nothing is ever over in this relationship — it only festers and piles on top of the insults that came before. Here's a compilation of quotes from Sky Sports that dates back to when Mourinho first joined Chelsea in 2004:

Chelsea took a now familiar lead when Eden Hazard converted a penalty in the 27th minute and Diego Costa added a second goal in the 77th minute. Chelsea won 2-0 and the two managers made no attempt to shake hands at full time.

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