Arsene Wenger jokes that Arsenal will sign Leo Messi, defends Gervinho, Chamakh, Squillaci

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Facing a group of reporters intent on rubbing Arsene Wenger's face in his club's shortcomings, the Arsenal manager fought back with a questionable defense and a bit of humor. When pressed on the club's  higher priced signings who have been duds, Wenger asked the journalists for names.

From The Mirror:

"Who are the big buys?" questioned Wenger. "How much? He (Gervinho) was £8m. Gervinho is a good player, yes. But I don't want to go into individual assessments.

"Chamakh was a big buy? He was free. Squillaci, nearly free.

"You cannot say that we have a squad of no quality. They are international players."

Well, Squillaci hasn't played for France since the 2010 World Cup, Chamakh plays for 72 ranked Morocco and Gervinho missed the penalty in the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations final that allowed Zambia to beat the Ivory Coast. But it seems Wenger's other point was that you get what you pay for, so that about covers it.

Complain about Arsenal's current players all you want, though. Because Wenger's going to show you all once the transfer window opens back up.

"What do you call big (in terms of a signing)?

"We will buy Lionel Messi in January and surprise you!"

He'll do it, too! Except it'll be Cameroonian midfielder Lionel Messi Nyamsi.

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