Arsene Wenger is on the verge of his 1,000th match with Arsenal and all he got was this lousy desk ornament

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Arsenal's visit to Stamford Bridge will mark Arsene Wenger's 1,000 match with the club. In a league where managers come and go with the anonymous haste of customers in an adult bookstore, Wenger's tenure is truly remarkable. Especially for someone who hasn't won a trophy in eight years. Not only are his 17 years in charge a decade more than the second longest serving current manager in all four divisions of the Football League (Paul Tisdale of League Two side Exeter City), but he has 14 years on the next Premier League manager — Newcastle's currently banned headbutter Alan Pardew.

So what did Arsenal do to mark this impressive feat of loyalty and commitment? They presented him with a desk ornament in the training ground parking lot.

The small gold (probably plated) cannon is better than being enrolled in a jelly of the month club (depending on how little you like jelly), but not by much. You would think that for such an achievement and for all the money he's saved/made them over the years, Arsenal would give him an actual working cannon or a tank or maybe even a video of Jose Mourinho taking a Santi Cazorla free kick to the crotch.

Still, it's gold and it's a trophy so drought over.

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