Arsene Wenger compares transfer market to poker, says he’s not good at poker

Arsenal beat Fenerbahce 3-0 in the first leg of the Champions League playoff, throwing a bit of cold water on the criers and irate finger pointers who were in full meltdown mode after their loss to Aston Villa last weekend. But whatever positive reinforcement the much needed win provided was dented by manager Arsene Wenger's post-match comments. Instead of showing his many doubters that he sees the light and knows what must be done, he just provided more fuel for his growing number of critics.

First, Wenger admitted that "there is absolutely no chance" of Arsenal signing Luis Suarez. Which is hardly surprising. But then the man who has only made one signing all summer (a 20-year-old free transfer) and lost his first match of the new season with an injury depleted side once again showed that he's living in a fantasy land where the eight trophyless years for Arsenal haven't happened.

"Quality-wise we don't need anybody but number-wise we are short," Wenger said, apparently with a straight face. In other words, if it weren't for injuries, Wenger feels Arsenal have a perfect amount of quality right now. Enough to win the league, FA Cup, Champions League, you name it. "Quality-wise we don't need anybody." But wait! It gets worse...

From the Guardian:

"You have to understand that there is still a long way to go. The transfer market starts for me now and a lot of activity will happen between now and 2 September. It starts now. It is like a poker game. People hold their cards as long as possible and see what is happening out there. In the end, they go for decisions." [...]

Wenger was asked whether he was any good at poker. "No," he replied.

Oh, Arsene.