Arsene Wenger asks journalist why he is looking at him during bizarre press conference

Dirty Tackle

Ahead of Bayern Munich's trip to the Emirates on Tuesday, Arsene Wenger held a press conference in which he was hilariously vexed by almost every single question.

Firstly, a journalist asks if rumors of a two-year extension on his contract are accurate. Rather than saying "no," the Frenchman launches into a lengthy diatribe about being insulted by "wrong information," apparently assuming the journalist had personally told the world he had already signed the deal in puppy blood, while repeatedly stamping on Jack Wilshere's ankle.

Then comes the greatest exchange in the history of football press conferences:

Wenger: Why do you look at me?

Journalist: Because it's your press conference.

Perhaps after realizing invited journalists at a press conference had a reasonably good excuse to be looking at him, the Arsenal manager then fielded — and batted away — a question about Saturday's disappointing FA Cup loss to Blackburn. After making the fair point that they were attending a press conference about the Champions League, he angrily requested more questions about Tuesday night's game.

When he received one, he said, "Don't talk about Bayern Munich today."

His final angry outburst came at the same journalist who dared to ask him about the FA Cup. Showing the same disregard for English syntax as for answering questions, Wenger said: "I have won four times the FA Cup, who has won it more?"

It's a good point. No one has won the FA Cup more. If you don't include Sir Alex Ferguson (five wins). Or Aston Villa's George Ramsay (six wins).

In conclusion, it wasn't a great day at the office for Le Professeur.

BRILLIANT UPDATE! According to The Sun, Wenger also said “I want to lose it and I want to lose the game tomorrow so you can all be happy.” Amazing.

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