Arsenal took a private jet to fly 15 minutes from London to Norwich

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Norwich earned their first win of the Premier League season by beating Arsenal 1-0 at Carrow Road on Saturday. It was a poor performance from Arsenal marred by a goalkeeping error from Vito Mannone that led to Grant Holt's goal, but the London club can't blame their poor form on a grueling trip from London to Norwich since they opted to take a private jet. A 15-minute ride on a private jet.

While environmentalists protest the seemingly extravagant decision, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says there is a perfectly logical explanation. From the Telegraph:

The flight, which would have taken around 15 minutes, has been criticised as "absurd" by Green campaigners.

Arsenal lost the Premier League match 1-0.

Wenger said at today's pre-match press conference ahead of the Champions League game against Schalke: "Usually we take the train and there was no train available, so in the end we decided to fly because we had to drive up on Friday afternoon at the moment when you never know how long it lasts."

Andrei Arshavin, meanwhile, has escaped criticism by taking his imaginary space ship to the match. Here he is in his cosmonaut suit...

Anyway, the Greek Super League team that spent 17 hours on a bus without a stop at a hotel for their away match last weekend has probably started crying again after reading this.

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