New Arsenal signing Lukas Podolski sings on German pop song

Dirty Tackle

German forward Lukas Podolski has been able to make several updates to his resumé lately: alongside "Arsenal FC player" he can now add "Europop sensation" after teaming up with Cologne-based band Brings for their single 'Hallelujah'.

According to iTunes, Brings have been troubling the German Top 40 since the early nineties with their "brand of gritty rock similar to AC/DC" (wait, what?). Having spent most of his career in Cologne, Podolski presumably jumped at the chance to work with the city's most prominent 'Kölschrock' outfit.

Say what you want about the song and Poldi's vocal performance, but you can't deny he knows how to rock a white-V-neck-tee-and-tartan-necktie combo.

Thanks to @KillaKam for the spot