Arsenal de Sarandi attempt to fight riot police, bizarre standoff ensues

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Following a Copa Libertadores group-stage match between Ronaldinho's Atletico-MG and Argentine side Arsenal de Sarandi, the Argentines were upset. Atletico-MG beat them 5-2 for the second time in this round, but instead of focusing their anger on them, Arsenal turned to the match officials. After the final whistle, the local riot police formed a shield around the officials comprised of their bodies, their weapons and actual shields.

So with the officials out of reach, the Arsenal players redirected their fury in the most misguided way yet and decided to go after the riot cops. Some light shoving between the two sides was escalated by a player who tried to kick one of the officers. When that didn't work, he kicked at ball at them and that got a reaction. The cops moved forward as the players moved back, yet they still postured as if they wanted to brawl. Another player attempted a kick and they all moved back again. A second group of riot police came from behind the players and that made them panic and start a skirmish.

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Growing tired of this nonsense, a few riot cops raised their pellet shotguns to show they weren't messing around and that's when a few mature members of each side tried to calm things down. The yelling and posturing continued, but on the whole, the situation could've easily ended up far worse than it was.

Ronaldinho nearly lost a leg the first time these two sides met, but this time he scored twice. First from the penalty spot and then with a lovely chip that only he could make easy. Have a look...

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