The new Arsenal away kit that Arshavin compared to ‘jockey’s clothes’

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Back in April, in one of our excursions into the weird that is our attempt to chronicle Andrei/ey Arshavin's ongoing Q&A sessions with the readers of his official website, there was a question that was actually normal. It didn't ask for Arshavin's home address or an opinion on the macroeconomic policy of Honduras or his feelings about erotic stories written about him. No, this reader just wanted to know what Arsenal's kit will look like for its 125th anniversary season.

And Andrei gave his usual honest answer.

12. From Nkitabozhok
Hi Andrey, Do know what your new Arsenal uniform will look like?
: I know, and I'll tell you. Our guest [away] uniform next season will look like jockey's clothes.

As always, it looks like Andrei was right.

Another pic of the new away kit right this way...


But if you think being dressed like a jockey is a bad thing, just look at how much joy they bring to Andrei:

Then again, he does appear to be laughing at the jockey more than with him.

Bottom photo: Getty

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