Arnautovic wants WAG with tattoos and silicone, lies about it

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

After numerous suspensions for nightclub brawls and other indiscretions at both Werder Bremen and the Austrian national team, Marko Arnautovic says he wants to change his ways. "Much was written about me last season. I provided the stories. That was clearly my fault and I want to change my behaviour," Arnautovic told Kicker magazine.

So Marko is going to lay low, settle down and find a nice lady to spend his time with. A woman good taste in music and strong family values. Hahaha just kidding -- he told Austrian magazine Seitenblicke what he really wants (via Bild):

"You must be tattooed. And have black hair and silicone breasts."

This honest description of the sum total of what footballers look for in a partner of course made headlines and Arnautovic decided he didn't want a part of it. So he released this statement on his official website:

"In recent days, several German newspapers articles from Austria spread quotes which are falsehoods about Marko Arnautovic's life. Arnautovic would like to take this opportunity to distance themselves from the messages and point out that these are far from any truth. "

It turns out the magazine didn't appreciate being called liars just because Arnautovic now wished that he didn't say anything, so they released the audio recording of him saying what he said he didn't say. You can hear it here.

So, yes, if you're a lady who meets this thin description, Marko Arnautovic would very much like to meet you.

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