Argentinean player sent off for throwing dog from field by its neck

Dirty Tackle

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Judging by his recent actions, Jose Jimenez of Argentinean lower league side Belle Vista is probably not a PETA member.

During a match in the Tucumán Province against San Juan, a playful stray dog entered the field of play. Jimenez decided the best course of action was to pick it up by its neck and attempt to hurl it over a metal fence, in the same angry fashion as one might throw a bag of burning trash bag into Piers Morgan's back yard.

The dog hit the fence and bounced back onto the field — apparently unharmed — but the shocking behavior was met with a torrent of abuse from the San Juan fans and a deserved red card.

The disgraced Jimenez may as well go and buy a meerkat fur coat and shoes made from otter paws, because his stock with animal rights activists couldn't be any lower right now...

Warning: some may find video disturbing

Video H/T: 101GG

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