Argentine model Fiorella Castillo shows her freestyle football skills on Copacabana Beach

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Argentina has no shortage of talent at the 2014 World Cup Brazil, but one of the South American nation's most creative and skilful prospects won't be found on the field this summer.

Away from her duties as a model and TV producer, Fiorella Castillo has carved a reputation of one of the most impressive freestyle footballers on the streets.

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Not only can she juggle with the best of them, but she does so in high heels.

After reading about her claims of defeating over 800 men at freestyling on Ipanema Beach, I managed to track her down to see her skills firsthand -- and challenge her to a game of horse.

As you can see from the video above, Castillo quickly put me to shame with her superb command of a Brazuca.

"I’ve been playing since I was young," she said shortly after her overwhelming horse victory. "I do it more than anything because it’s fun. I see a soccer ball and I turn into a little kid, I love it very much."

The world of freestyling isn't exactly awash with females, making Castillo a rarity. "I wanted a way to compete against the guys, I decided to start doing tricks in high heels. As far as I know, I'm the first girl to do this."

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The 24-year-old, visiting Brazil from her native Buenos Aires, also feels that she has inspired other members of her gender to follow in her footsteps. "After my videos came out, I began seeing other girls doing the same thing. I think it’s great, that us women can also be included in a sport that’s dominated by males."

While filming with Yahoo, Castillo happily posed with fans (she is relatively well known in South America) and was very happy to play keep-ups with the Colombians, Argentines and Brazilians who had gathered to admire her skills.

Perhaps next time I'm drawn into a freestyle battle, I should bring a pair of heels ...

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