Argentine striker gives his mother a kiss after scoring in Copa Libertadores

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Argentine striker Damian Diaz scored the first goal for Ecuadorian side Barcelona Sporting Club in their Copa Libertadores match against Nacional on Tuesday. It was a lovely effort in the 17th minute of the match and afterwards, Diaz ran to the stands and followed it up with a bit of love for his mother. Diaz kissed her through the chain-link fence before returning to the pitch and continuing with the game.

Though players often reveal messages on their shirts or shin pads directed to loved ones after scoring, it's unusual to see one seek out a family member for a kiss -- especially during a competition as big as the Copa Libertadores. This instance was also much different from the times when Ryan Giggs used to seek out his sister in law for a kiss. After matches. In a hotel room. Without his brother knowing.

Video via The Offside

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