Argentine fans join the trend of throwing explosives at footballers

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Fans throwing explosives at footballers seems to be a developing trend happening in all different parts of the world. First, there was the Asian Champions League incident in September where a player from Iranian club Sepahan tossed what he didn't know was an explosive thrown by fans of Saudi club Al-Ahli just before it exploded. Then just a few weeks ago in Cyprus, fans threw an explosive directly at a player receiving treatment for an injury. And now, fans of Argentine club Independiente have copied the idea by throwing firecrackers of their own at Belgrano goalkeeper Juan Olave.

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The incident occurred during a restart in play with Belgrano up 1-0 after scoring in the 41st minute. An explosive appeared to be thrown from the section behind Olave's goal and landed near the unsuspecting keeper with a tail of white smoke. When it loudly went off next to him, Olave went down covering his ears next to the cloud of smoke. His teammates then rushed over to check on him before everyone -- including the shaken Olave -- had to scurry away and retreat as more explosives were thrown by the crowd.

The referee decided to abandon the match after the first half for fear of someone getting hurt by the explosives (thankfully, that hadn't happened yet).

Video via 101gg

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