Argentine fans actually do something nice for Leo Messi, shower him in rose petals

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

For all the accolades, accomplishments and unconditional love Lionel Messi has enjoyed while playing for Barcelona, it's been a bit different for him in his international career with Argentina. Since he has struggled to replicate his club success with his country, he hasn't gotten quite the same reverence that he enjoys in Europe.

Punched by a kid who supports the rivals of his youth club and jeered during Copa America, Messi has gotten more guff than he probably deserves from his countrymen in the past. But now, they're finally starting to see the light of his giggling brilliance.

Messi helped Argentina get off to a commanding start to their World Cup qualifying campaign by scoring in their 4-0 win over Ecuador. After the match, Messi exited the stadium later than his teammates since he had to complete a drug test, but when he did leave, he was showered with rose petals by waiting fans. Though he probably would've preferred it to rain Lego blocks, maybe this positive reinforcement will help bring improved results for Argentina.

Video via 101gg

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