Arbeloa defends Iniesta against Chile, Busquets gets feisty

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

So it turns out that when the Real Madrid and Barcelona boys are on the same team instead of going against each other in a never-ending series of death matches, they actually join forces and fight against their common enemy instead of each other.

After Spain fell behind 2-0 in the first 20 minutes of their friendly against Chile on friday, they mounted a comeback capped by two goals from the man who is suddenly the greatest goal scorer of our generation, Cesc Fabregas, to win 3-2. Just before the final whistle blew, Chile's Arturo Vidal got a little rough with Andres Iniesta, who decided to go forehead to chin with him. Before Vidal could step on him, though, Iniesta's Spain teammate and club rival Alvaro Arbeloa ran in and weakly hit Vidal in the chest.

This kicked off a bench-clearing scuffle that Sergio Busquets was desperate to be a part of. Not only did he get right in the middle of it, but he even managed to stay on his feet as three Chile players held him back and one shoved him square in the chest.

And so this group of men bitterly divided by their paid allegiances came together to stand and fight as one, proving that there is still hope. And that they can even find something to fight about in a stupid international friendly.

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