Angry Mexico fan mistakes Van Persie for Robben, calls him “cheat”

Angry Mexico fan mistakes Van Persie for Robben, calls him “cheat”

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Arjen Robben’s alleged flop will go down as an infamous move that left all Mexico fans silently stunned. The quick decision made by the Dutch striker as he was challenged by Rafael Marquez awarded his team a penalty kick in the last three minutes of the game and ultimately gave the Dutch the win.

It was a victory that left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths, considering Robben has a history of faking fouls in order to have calls made in his favor. Robben admitted to taking a few dives at the beginning of the match, but claims the one that gave the Netherlands the penalty kick was legitimately a foul.

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Still, many are skeptical on the matter – especially Mexico fans. And while many supporters of ‘El Tri’ are silently muttering Robben’s name in their nightmares, one fan decided to take out his anger publicly… on Van Persie.

As Van Persie was walking outside of his hotel and greeting fans before leaving in a vehicle, a fan appeared out of the blue and began to yell “Cheat” at the Oranje player, clearly mistaking him for Robben.

The fan continued yelling for a few minutes, as Netherland fans and media watched him, still unaware that it was not Van Persie who had taken the dive.

Don’t worry, shirtless man. A whole nation feels your pain (just not towards Van Persie).

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